The undergraduate writing workshop is a new and exciting addition to RBM this year! The objective is to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to work on the accurate and responsible presentation of scientific content to the general public. Each conference attending undergraduate that signs up for the workshop by September 6 will be paired with an undergraduate from Pitt who is currently working on completing the Public Communication of Science and Technology certificate through the Pitt English Department. The pair will work on preparing a public facing abstract or document either based on content that one of the students is presenting at the conference or on current research findings related to one of the 5 disciplinary categories at RBM22. Student work will be supported by pre-conference zoom workshops run by faculty and staff from the Pitt Honors College, Pitt Writing Center, and CMU department of Biological Sciences. There will be a lunchtime reception at RBM22 for all participating students where awards will be given for the best overall abstract, most innovative approach, and deepest dive. There is no extra charge for the workshop, but space is limited. To sign up email: lhiller@andrew.cmu.edu.