Abstract submission will be accepted until September 6th


The space to display posters is one side of a 4ft x 4ft poster board.

Moderated Poster Discussion: Abstracts for poster presentations will been classified into thematic categories (groups 1 to 9). Following the open poster viewing opportunities during the allocated breaks, there will be a moderated poster discussion in the following format.

  • All presenters in each group should gather at the first poster in each group where they will meet with assigned moderators for their thematic category.
  • Each presenter will have 5 minutes of total time allocated to their poster, with 3 minutes overview presentation of the take-home results and message from their study and 2 minutes time available from questions from the moderators and the audience.
  • Each poster will be presented sequentially with strict adherence to allocated times.
  • Following the presentation of all posters in each group, the moderators will lead a brief 5-10min discussion of the main themes and summative conclusions from the studies presented within each group.

Submission guidelines:

  • Limit of 250 words
  • Structured abstract [Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions]
  • Up to 1 display item allowed (table or figure)