Microbiome Art Show


Pronghorn’s Flora, 2019 by Alexandra Park McDonough
– Acrylic and collage on panel

Pangenomic Dance, 2010 by Kate Hiller
– Pencil and Paper

Fermentation by Donna Stolz & Ferment Pittsburgh
– Scanning electron microscopy with pseudo coloring.

Beaded Microbes by Megan Kiedrowski
– Jewelry featuring microbial beadwork

And who is responsible for all this gas?, 2019 by Dennis Doyle,
– Sourdough starter, cloche

St. Elmo’s Fire, 2018 by Cristin Millett
– Cast iron, cast aluminum, gut, human hair, custom lightbox

Probiartics, 2019 by David Fraser, Rory Eutsey, and Luisa Hiller
– Kefir on Agar

Malaria Nightmares, 2004 by Kate Hiller
– Pencil and Paper

Micro Couture, 2019 by students from Lindsey French’s Digital Imaging course, Department of Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh: Majuel Armstead, Abigail Benkovich, Nicole Bonomo, Katie Bulova, Alex Johnson, Abreihona Lenihan, Colleen Mars, Kylie Mericle, Nigel Purcell, Andy Qu, Jiachen Tian, Zipu Zhao, Cole Zimmerman
– Animated GIFs

Orfeo Nel Canale Alimentare, 2018 by Rachel Mayeri
– 13 minute animated opera

OkPoopid, 2017 by Kathy High and Guy Schaffer
– 18 minute short film

Microbial Migrations, 2017 by Cynthia White
– 3 minute video trailer, work in progress