BME – Healthcare Informatics Program

June 7th

June 8th


Anis Davoudi (University of Florida) – “Characterizing Functional Status in Delirium Patients in the Intensive Care Unit Using Machine Vision Techniques

Shivesh Chaudhary (Georgia Tech) – “Automatic identity determination of neurons in whole-brain recordings using Conditional Random Fields

Arna Ghosh (McGill University) – “Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Network for Analysis of Motor task EEG Data”

Kathleen Bates (Georgia Tech) – “Expanding the behavior space of the worm

Alvaro Ulloa (Geisinger) – “Electronic Health Records Simulation Framework for Unsupervised Clustering

Yuanda Zhu (Georgia Tech) – “Improved Prediction on Heart Transplant Rejection Using Convolutional Autoencoder and Multiple Instance Learning on Whole-Slide Imaging

Erik Jorgensen (Georgia Tech) – “A sparse modeling framework for substructure prediction in the brain

Daniel Roudnitsky (University of Maryland) – “Comparative Machine Learning Approaches for Parkinson’s Disease Classification Using Acoustic Data

Octavio Mesner (CMU) – “A nonparametric approach to variable selection applied to an observational clinical dataset

Greeshma Agasthya (Geisinger) – “A machine Learning approach to understanding the importance of echo strain measurements in cardiac outcomes research

Manar D Samad (Geisinger) – “A Machine Learning Framework to Optimize Patient Outcome Predictions Using Large Electronic Health Records and Clinically Acquired Imaging Measurements

Luna Zhang (BigBear, Inc.) - "Multi-function Convolutional Neural Networks for More Accurate Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Using Brain MRI Images than Traditional Convolutional Neural Networks"