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SCAN Code of Online Ethics

We value your attendance and want to make your experience positive and productive through an open exchange of ideas in a professional setting.

  1. Please register. You must have registered online through the event’s website to attend. Please do not share or forward your registration information, meeting links or passwords to other people. All are welcome! Please forward the SCAN announcement and encourage others to register. But, unique registrations are needed to help us to accurately report attendance to the generous groups that are supporting SCAN (DSF Charitable Foundation and the National Institutes of Health).
  2. Be Lively! SCAN may use a variety of online presentation and virtual communication tools. We encourage attendees to use the chat tools to connect and make this as interactive as possible in the online world. Our conference provocateurs will moderate and encourage and generally help to make sure an intellectual good time is had by all.
  3. But Be Appropriate. Unacceptable behaviors may result in immediate removal from the virtual event and communication channels. Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:
    • Harmful or prejudicial verbal or written comments or visual images
    • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form
    • Disruption of presentations during sessions
    • Recording of sessions without permission
    • Distribution of promotion materials, special offers, or any for-profit product announcements