Storytelling event

SCAN 2020

July 30-31, 2020


Friday evening (5-7 pm) at SCAN will feature a storytelling event, in the style of the national non-profit THE MOTH StorySLAM. This event will be hosted by comedian Alan Olifson, emcee of the monthly Pittsburgh Moth StorySLAM events. We invite SCAN attendees to join in the fun event and share your true story.

Who doesn’t love to listen to (or tell) a good story? A Moth StorySLAM features real people telling real life stories about a given theme, with one story chosen as the winner (by reviewers 1 and 3, reviewer 2 will have no say). With Alan’s comedic assistance, we will present our own Moth-style SLAM, with the below theme.

THEME: “Nerd Stories”

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Stories must be true (though who can resist a little embellishment?)
  2. No notes allowed
  3. Stories are limited to 5 minutes

We hope that many of you will volunteer to share one of your stories during this event!

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